Sunday, 4 January 2009

Entsuin light up in Mastushima

In Matsushima city there is a nice Japanese garden which is viewed all year round. In Autumn they have a nightly viewing session which only is available from late October to late November. The garden is lit up with lights to help highlight the colours of Autumn and it is a beautiful sight indeed. Of particular beauty is the pond which, due to the cold, has a mirror like image reflecting the trees above in crystal clear quality. This is a must see and worth the entry price.

It is called the Entsuin light up in Matsushima and can be reached by an efficient train service from Sendai city which takes about 30 minutes - 40 minutes including walking time to the gardens.

A view of the Godaido in Matsuhima bay which is lit up at night by green lights.
Autumn colors in the Entsuin garden.

Looking toward the Entsuin Shrine which is famous for its connection to Date Masamune the local samurai lord that the prefecture of Miyagi celebrates the existence of.

The entrance is lit up by fire on both sides just where you can buy tickets to enter the gardens. As it is cold the fires are a welcome sight.

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