Monday, 19 January 2009

Nikko - World Heritage site Japan

Nikko in Japan is a world heritage site worth visiting if you are in Japan. There are many shrine and temple buildings to see which are beautifully painted and adorned with interesting images and statues carved from wood. Below are photos of the carvings and buildings which were seen in January 2nd which had large crowds for the new year festivities which were taking place.

Nikko is a day trip north of Tokyo, but better visited with a stay in Utsunomiya city where you can see other sites such as the Oya stone mine and Peace kannon statue. Utsunomiya is 40 minutes from Nikko by train.

New year crowds at Nikko world heritage site.

The JR train to Nikko from Utsunomiya station. In Utsunomiya there are two stations that have trains going to Nikko. If you are connecting with the Shinkansen (bullet train) take the JR train. There is a private rail company TOBU which has a shopping centre in Utsunomiya and the station can be found there, but it is far from the JR station.

The famous Nikko bridge near the world heritage site.
Nikko JR station is of historical quality and far more charming than the Tobu station in Nikko.

A bus can be caught from the JR station which stops at the Tobu station and then goes to the world heritage site. It takes about 10 minutes.

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