Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya castle in Nagoya city Japan is a very nice structure indeed. At the top of the building there are two golden dolphin shapes which shine in the sunshine and stand out much unlike other castles in Japan. Access to the castle is easy via subway, or city sightseeing bus, and be sure to get there early to avoid crowds and a long line to get in.

The surrounding moat on the street side is empty and full of green grass. The cherry blossoms look good though in season.
Inside the castle grounds between the inner moat and outer moat of Nagoya castle.
Nagoya castle as viewed from one of the donjons.
From the top of a donjon you can see the Nagoya city station building.

Nagoya city view from the top of Nagoya castle.

Two donjons the lie on the corners of the inner moat of Nagoya castle.

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