Monday, 20 April 2009

Nagiso town in the Kiso valley - Nagano prefecture

Nagiso in the Kiso valley and not far from Tsumago on the Nakasendo highway is a place of transport access to the Nakasendo highway walk. In the town there is a large foot bridge which crosses the river and has nice views of the mountains, river and valley.

Some alps can be seen from Nagiso town.

The bridge is perfectly straight.

Nagiso station doesn't have many local trains both to Nagoya and Matsumoto but express trains do pass through and some stop there.

The water in the river is clear and inviting.

A view from the train travelling north from Nagiso to Narai old post town in the Kiso valley.

One of a few stations between Nagiso and Narai post towns.

Narai post town station. I didn't get to visit Narai but would go back there if given the chance.

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