Sunday, 19 April 2009

Magome post town to Tsumago post town - Hiking the old Nakasendo Highway

Hiking the old Nakasendo highway is an interesting experience. Below are photos of the hiking route from Magome post town to Tsumago post town which is over 8kms. The scenery changes throughout the walk to Tsumago from Magome and if you start in Magome it is uphill until you reach the prefecture boundary of Gifu and Nagano prefectures. From there it is down hill and more foresty with some good sections of old highway still in the trees.

Looking north towards Tsumago from the edge of Magome post town. The sign above says 7.6 kms to go.

From the northern end of Magome a good view of a 2192 metre high mountain can be had.

A nice butterfly sits in the sunshine on the Nakasendo highway in early April.

The old highway heads uphill passing little streams and fresh countryside.

Looking back downhill towards Magome post town after having climbed the cobblestoned highway.

Along the highway there are old stones which remain and used to be guide stones. In the stones is engraved "Nakasendo".

Above and below, an old lady carries a heavy load on her back in a small village on the old Nakasendo highway.

The prefectural border on the highway is at the top and it is downhill from hereon. Some alps can be seen which look inspiring.

A section of paved highway in the forest on the downhill section to Tsumago.

Many times on the walk you have to cross the road and even walk sections of the road with cars passing by. Then again you duck off into the forest and come out later onto the road again. It's interesting.

One of the waterfalls which can be viewed closer to Tsumago.

One of the few villages which are travelled through on the walk.

Another more interesting section of paved highway in the forest on the Nakasendo.

Nagiso is the next post town which is where the train station is. You can continue walking to Nagiso which is another 4kms or so. On seeing this sign you have made it to Tsumago and can enjoy the old street scenes as you explore the place.

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