Thursday, 30 July 2009

Matsushiro Imperial headquarters from the outside

The old Imperial headquaters bunker tunnels in Matsushiro town, Nagano prefecture offers some history for travelers to enjoy. Below are photos of a view from above the complex looking over part of the town and of external entrances that cannot be explored up close.

The photo below is looking back into the mountains, and the bunker complex is to the left as the hill runs past the left side of this photo.
Below is a closed off entrance to the Matsushiro tunnels which is blocked off by a big gate.

Below is another entrance to the Matsushiro tunnels that is blocked off with a gate. Notice how the cement exterior was never finished, and this entrance is quite close to the other entrance.
The bunker complex sits below this hill where the above entrance photos were taken.
The snow capped mountains can still be seen in April even though spring can be quite warm.
To see photos of the tunnels inside my previous post can be seen.

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