Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hiroshima City Japan

Hiroshima city in Japan is a place worth visiting not only for the history but for the nice Hiroshima yaki! Hiroshima yaki is a local dish that is a variant of other types of yaki soba.

The trams in Hiroshima city are rustic and still give the feeling of a place stuck in time.Not only the way the conductors conduct themselves, but also the sight and sound of the older models of trams is a lot different to what you would see in Tokyo.
You can still see what looks like the original paved tram lines before the atomic bombing.

All throughout the city of Hiroshima there are signs of the atomic bombing and a lot of information to discover. The building above is original and still stands after being partially damaged in the bombing. It was the Bank of Japan branch at that time. It is now a museum and the vaults inside can be viewed by guidance of a guard who only speaks Japanese. More on that later...

Photos copyright to Roger at Onsen Feel Japan.

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