Monday, 2 February 2009

Art in Tokyo

Back in November 2008 I went to Tokyo to see some art for a couple of days. First was a stop in Ueno to see the Rimpa exhibition that was dedicated to Ogata Korin at the Tokyo National Museum. Although it was crowded it was good to see some famous Rinpa screen art. I enjoy the art of the Edo period and painters such as Korin, Sotatsu, Suzuki, and Hoitsu are well known by art enthusiasts and historians.

Below are some paintings that were displayed in a gallery near the Tokyo musem which were free to see. I am not sure who painted them but the Japanese landscapes were very good.
Some coloured oil paintings at the same gallery.
Next I visited the Yamatane Museum of Art: which was displaying some nice Rinpa screens by Hoitsu and Gyoshu which can be seen on their webpage. It was a small gallery but had very good Japanese art to see and the large golden screens of Rinpa style were so relaxing to just sit and look at.

The second day I visited Roppongi Midtown to see the Picasso exhibition that was held in the Suntory Museum of art. The complete exhibition was held at two locatons in Roppongi not far from each other. Each part of the exhibition was an exhibition in itself as there were many paintings and drawings to see. There was even a metal statue of a goat with body parts and all if you know what I mean.

The Roppongi midtown center above.
A street in Roppongi with the Roppongi Midtown center to the left and Tokyo tower in the background.
The entrance to a small gallery in Naka Meguro where the painting below was seen. I went to this gallery after seeing the Picasso exhibitions.

Small street scene with a historical looking restaurant bar looking place in Naka Meguro Tokyo.

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