Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hakone mountain area and lake Ashinoko

The Hakone mountain area west of Tokyo has some good sights such as Mt Fuji, a big lake with tori gates in the water and nice hotsprings. A zigzagging train can be taken up a mountain and then a series of cable cars and ropeways to the summit and then to the lake. The photos below show in order what can be seen in the Hakone Ashinoko lake area.

The zigzag train as seen from within and from the platform.

On a foggy day riding the ropeway looks like flying up into the sky as you can see the ropes extending into the mist and fog.
Heading down from the summit towards lake Ashinoko in Hakone.

Some interesting ships can be boarded to cross lake Ashinoko.

The main tori gate on lake Ashinoko in Hakone.
As it was foggy and wet we didn't have a chance to see Mt Fuji, but the Hakone mountain area had enough to see to entertain. More on Hakone later...

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